As the eCommerce industry continues to grow in size and popularity, so has the demand for efficient and eco-friendly products. Social awareness and heightened initiatives about the state of the environment have encouraged many companies to reflect and re-evaluate their carbon footprint.  

At Drive Fulfillment, we continually work to evolve and customize our protocols so that they efficiently fit the growing needs of both clients and the environment. As a result, we wanted to highlight our continual efforts to become the most eco-friendly enterprise possible. 

What does Eco-Friendly product Fulfillment look like? 

Every company has different points of focus when it comes to resolving environmental issues that produce excess waste and emissions. No matter the industry or service you provide, the goal of becoming eco-friendly is to find and adopt solutions that work efficiently maximize productivity and resources while minimizing practices that badly affect natural resources. Some of the strategies that we have adapted to efficiently and affordably bring sustainability to our fulfillment operations include: 

Introduced Automation: 

When possible, automation greatly increases efficiency and maximizes resources. At Drive Fulfillment, we use dynamic automation strategies to get your product out the door to your customers in the quickest method possible. Our automation capabilities include motion sensor-led facility lighting, 4-zone sorting conveyors, automatic cardboard bailers, kitting and assembly lines, scan verifications, and weigh-in-motion shipping, which is an automated process used to verify the contents of a carton or container before goods are shipped. All in all, automation is one of the most effective methods to promote “green” operations and reduce both personal and environmental risks.


Thinking Proactively: 

Proactive thinking is the ability to adapt and make decisions in preparing for the future, rather than reacting to events that come to pass. When it comes to Fulfillment operations, high visibility and routine audits work to identify and analyze unnecessary or harmful risks. A proactive approach means understanding the touchpoints and sensitivities of your supply chain to best maximize the process. 

Efficient Inventory Management: 

The mismanagement of inventory brings a variety of technical and environmental stress at every stage of the supply chain. As a result,  reducing the strain on your resources and staff comes by effectively monitoring inventory. At Drive Fulfillment, our progressive approach to inventory management makes operations easy. DriveLine, our custom warehouse management software powered by Deposco, blends the most innovative technology with a vision of supply chain sustainability. Beyond a personally dedicated Drive Fulfillment production coordinator, DriveLine allows you to personally manage inventory, monitor changes and order cancelations, generate detailed reports, and set up automated alerts and notifications on performance, sales, and, inventory levels. This complete and proactive approach to inventory management gives you the peace of mind that the reduced stress on staff and the environment are well worth the investment. 


Transportation Optimization: 

The costs and environmental impact of transporting goods go without saying. Ensuring orders are received, stored, picked, packed, and, shipped on time and accurately reduces returns, rerouting, and expedited shipping expenditures. This also reduces mileage and subsequent carbon emissions. Analyzing data and supply chain visibility software through detailed inventory management and CWM software system identity places where transportation can work more efficiently for you.  

Packaging & Materials:  

Working to increase efficiency and maximize sustainability on packaging and materials means eliminating over-boxed shipping and excess materials. Our 3D item scanning capabilities pre-measure products so that only the most essential materials are used in the packaging process. These innovations in reusable and recyclable eCommerce packaging help cut down on materials while still offering a great breathtaking unboxing experience for customers. Paperless electronic invoicing and picking tickets equally work to reduce the total paper products used. Any paper that is used, is shredded and properly recycled.

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Not only does the environment reap the benefits of an eco-friendly fulfillment operation, so do you and your brand. Partnering with an eco-friendly fulfillment center helps end customers who are purchasing products feel a sense of involvement in the solution. Getting customers on board with eco-friendly efforts can be as simple as advertising the steps you and your partners are taking towards sustainability. From small package inserts to social or website content, it’s never a bad idea to assist customers in understanding your commitment to environmental sustainability. 

We firmly believe that we all capable of doing our part to make the earth a greener and more healthy place. At Drive Fulfillment, we understand the vast and far-reaching value of preserving the environment through sustainable and eco-friendly fulfillment practices. For more information on fulfillment services like Kitting & Assembly, Direct-to-Garment Printing, or Pick Pack Ship eCommerce Fulfillment, get in touch or schedule a custom tour of our Utah-based facilities today.