Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Taking your ideas and business ventures to the next level is never an easy task. Capitalizing on the most innovative resources and expertise of market professionals makes a world of difference.  In an age of digital innovation and growth, sourcing, producing, packaging, shipping, and serving merchandise to a growing customer base quickly and efficiently without the headache of added fees and costs is imperative to sustainable growth. 

Who we are?

At Drive Fulfillment, our Marketing, Fulfillment and Digital teams are in the unique position to deliver across all channels and logistical touchpoints. We understand that your next big idea may be right around the corner. As a result, our suite of customizable services and integrations includes everything from multi-channel eCommerce fulfillment, to Kitting and Assembly, to On-Demand and Direct-to-Garment printing. 

Our Technical Capabilities: 

As an official Printful DTG Print and Fulfillment Partner, our top-of-the-line HD technology by Kornit facilitates the ultimate On-Demand and Direct-to-Garment printing experience, especially for high volume and detailed production environments. Designed with the brainpower and experience of printing experts, Kornit Atlas technology boosts digital textile printing capabilities to the maximum. 

With advanced features, the Atlas offers intuitive control of every part of the printing process. From automatic wrinkle detection to easy-access ink replacement, there is both a critical and easy approach to every component. The Atlas includes an advanced UX design for independent operation and consistent workflow. With its remote service capabilities, productivity management views, and friendly user guidance, the Atlas is unmatched. 

Powered by Eco-Rapid, the ultimate and most innovative ink set for industrial lines, the Atlas produces brilliant printing results with the highest retail standard of print quality. With 6 colors + White gamut you can tackle any demand and design challenge with supreme results and productivity. With the explosion of virtual shopping and remote industrial design, there is no better way to serve market needs. 

How Print-on-Demand and Dropshipping works? 

As a result, the following steps outline the printing flow: 

  1. Sign up and connect your store: Create an account and connect your online store using one of many integrations. 
  2. Create custom products: Upload or create online high-quality mockups and images of products with designs. 
  3. Fill your store: Add as many products to your store without worrying about inventory or leftovers
  4. Promote & sell your products: Build your brand using customizable marketing tactics. 
  5. Watch as orders come in: As soon as a customer buys something from you, it’s automatically imported to us. 
  6. We print, pack, & ship it: We print your order, pack it, and ship everything directly to your customer under your brand. 

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Why is this Important?

At Drive Fulfillment we understand that “Consumers today want customization and personalization, social media engagement, responsible and eco-friendly business practices, and instant gratification—whether they’re buying, designing, or building their own personal brand,” – Davis Siksnans, Printful Co-Founder and CEO. 

Not only does on-demand printing help nurture growing ideas, is has revolutionized the non-sustainable aspects of the apparel industry. On-demand digital production makes apparel a cleaner, more sustainable, more responsible enterprise. Eliminating risk, overhead costs, and amount of waste by producing exclusively what you sell is key to efficiently scale your business.

Taking advantage of a reliable fulfillment and production partner means keeping up with demands while never neglecting quality. No matter the size of your operation, expanding your on-demand printing capabilities with Drive Fulfillment and Printful can save you an additional 30% annually by reducing waste and storage costs.  

Make the step towards an efficient, environmentally friendly, and customizable eCommerce operation today by contacting Drive Fulfillment. Specialists in Fulfillment Services: eCommerce Fulfillment, Pick, Pack and Ship, Kitting and Assembly, Warehouse Management, Custom Packaging, & DTG Printing. To get in touch or to receive a customizable quote Contact us today.