With a bulk of transactions taking place digitally through eCommerce stores, customers expect a quick and user-friendly experience, among many other things. 

There is no reason a customer should encounter any unnecessary complexities in the process of voluntarily purchasing a product. As a result, It’s vital to understand certain pain points so you can better plan, test, and implement strategies to resolve them in advance.

Although some pain points might be harder to identify than others, we’ve selected a few important categories to concentrate on.

Pillars of eCommerce: 

Site Security:

The security of your eCommerce store should be of the utmost importance. Without proper security measures, you and your customers may suffer from fraud, identity theft, or even stolen credit card information.

At Drive, we are certified and cover all six standard PCI compliance categories which include: 

  • Maintaining a secure network
  • Protecting cardholder data
  • Sustaining a vulnerability management program
  • Implementing strong access control measures 
  • Regularly monitoring and testing networks
  • Upholding an information security policy    

Having the peace of mind that you and your customers are safely secured is a fundamental pillar of eCommerce success. 

User-Friendly Design & Flow:

Customers will often leave your site if they can’t quickly find what they are looking for. Intuitive user-based web design ensures that customers flow through the store and its features with the least amount of clicks arriving at a point of purchase. Understanding the layout of digital touchpoints is vital in understanding a users’ needs and creating a positive shopping experience.  



One of the most prevalent mistakes is spending too much time on shop design, attractive visual imagery, and merchandising while neglecting the checkout process entirely. The checkout is where conversions take place. It’s where shoppers or browsers turn into paying customers. 

The majority of issues that lead to cart abandonment are:

  • Hidden costs at checkout (shipping, tax, other fees, etc.)
  • Having to register before buying rather than using a guest checkout (forced registration)
  • Lengthy/complicated checkout process
  • Lack of trust in site security and payment verification

With the average online shopping cart abandonment rate at 69.80% , it’s clear that optimizing your checkout should be high up in your priority list.


Affordable + Clear Shipping Costs:

Nobody likes a surprise fee or handling charge, especially when shopping online. Clearly outlining shipping costs before the checkout helps a customer know exactly what they’re paying for. Hidden or overpriced fees can ruin a customer’s experience and discourage conversions. 

Offering benefits like free shipping on orders of $150 or more can make the world of difference for customers on the fence. 


Inventory Management:

Given the rapid turnaround and speed of eCommerce stores, successfully handling Inventory management and supply chain logistics are of the highest importance. The activities of ordering, restocking, storing, and inventory forecasting are crucial in meeting an onslaught of customer demands.

Partnering with a Fulfillment Center or 3PL means you have more time to focus on your bread and butter. Efficient, cost-effective, and accurate inventory management through a Custom Inventory Management Software helps forecast for the future while actively monitoring consumer behavior and flow of products at any point along the supply chain.


Customer Service:

In an age of opinions and prejudgments, a reliable customer service strategy is well worth the investment. Customer reviews and social media opinions sway more than 75% of purchase decisions. A clear and responsive communication strategy paired with a solid brand identity is essential in guiding a potential customer’s smooth buying journey. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing, especially online.  


The Solution: 

While it can be difficult to plan and anticipate every customer’s pain-points, the variables we’ve addressed should greatly reduce the time and headache spent working in reverse on avoidable mistakes. 

More than that, exploring a partnership with a 3PL entity or Fulfillment Center like Drive Fulfillment means discounted UPS, USPS, and DHL rates, competitive pricing, in-house website design expertise, customer service expertise, and international shipping capabilities.

The sky’s the limit when your eCommerce products are affordable and readily available to over 60 million customers in more than 106 countries worldwide.