As an entrepreneur or business owner, bridging the desire and the capacity you possess to scale your eCommerce business can be challenging. While you and your team may have the vision, creative energy, and passion to scale up, implementing a “less is more” strategic plan is often the key variable in scaling an at-home operation into a profitable large scale company. 

Growing vs. Scaling: 

The first step of scaling your business is to understand the major differences between growing and scaling. Growing your business implies an increase in revenue, market share, expenses, and personnel. 

Typically, as you make more money, you accumulate more expenses. Successfully scaling your business involves increasing revenue, market share, and personnel without the added increases in expenses. In effect, the process involves the strategic implementation of procedures that cut costs associated with growth. 

Questions to Consider before Scaling? 

Before switching things up, perform a cost-benefit and competitive analysis to understand the extent of your resources, available capital, and tools moving forward. 

Understand what is pushing your competitors forward. Note how you can replicate and differentiate your brand from the competition. After carefully considering these logistical and practical variables, decide on the best path forward.

Marketing Tools: 

Whether you work with an in-house or agency team for marketing needs, getting the best-valued service for your time and money is imperative. Implement and test a range of organic and cost efficient marketing strategies that increase brand visibility and build credibility.

Email Marketing, SEO, and Organic Social Media Management are cost-effective techniques to grow your digital voice and gain market share. No matter where a customer sits in the sales funnel, effective digital marketing campaigns scale your operation and get conversions.

Now, at a time when brands are looking to engage consumers across Marketing, Fulfillment, and Digital platforms, Drive is in a unique position of delivering. Working side-by-side with a team of skilled marketers and logistical operation specialists helps keep a pulse on every aspect of your operation. Partnering with Drive ensures all Marketing, Fulfillment, and Digital needs are taken care of in the most timely and trusted manner.   

Fulfillment Solutions: 

At times and especially as you witness growth, your success may depend on larger scale profit margins. Partnering with a Fulfillment entity like Drive grants discounted shipping rates. More than that, quick and efficient turnaround times, and affordable storage rates helps avoid bulky overhead costs.  

Efficient services like custom DTG on-demand printing means that items are printed and shipped as soon as online orders are made. Avoiding waste and saving money on storage management are imperative to cutting costs while maintaining growth. 

Customer Service Strategies:

Reliable customer service is often the key to developing brand loyalty and returning customers. Quick response times, custom solutions, and an attitude of serving customer needs is essential. Increasing customer relations will help to organically grow your brand as you scale. 

Training your customer service team to think intentionally and have empathy is crucial to building trust. Planning to implement SOPs before your monthly orders go from 1,000 to 10,000 is never a bad idea. Investigating app integrations and platforms like Zendesk and Wove work to efficiently scale and automatically streamline communication with customers.

Whether ramping up organic marketing techniques, partnering with the best-in-class Fulfillment Center, or  making your customers feel more valued, scaling your business is no walk in the park. For more information on scaling your eCommerce business or partnering with Drive Fulfillment, Drive Digital, or Drive Marketing get in touch. Contact Us today to get started.